Cook like a Master Chef with Chefy.

Chefy provides you with video's with simple step by step instructions to cook exclusive recipes by Master Chef's like Vicky Ratnani, Ajay Chopra, Harpal Singh Sokhi, Nilesh Limaye, Aditya Bal & Bhairav Singh.

Get 5 Star Tasting Food To You Dining Table. Learn From The India's Top Master Chef's.

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With recipes from the top chefs of India, you will be cooking dishes that make you a Master Chef of your own world.

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Go all in. We have covered all the quarters and all the courses.

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No more writing down your grocery list. Save ingredients directly from the recipes into your shopping cart and refer it when you need to.

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Nothing comes in the way of your cooking. No ads while using the app.

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Save your favourite recipes and watch the videos or refer to the recipes even when you are offline.

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Cooking For 2 or for 20. Chefy automatically provides the required amount of ingredients.

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You will never have to worry about being near a Wi-Fi connection. Our video's use are extremely data friendly.

"Of the various cooking apps that i have seen, CHEFY is definetly the most comprehensive app that i have come across. It definetly empowers users to cook like Master Chefs"
Master Chef Bhirav Singh

"Our top favorite cooking app."

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